1954-58             Studied at Wigan College of Art.    

1958-59             Painting Scholarship.          

1959-60             Studied at Goldsmiths College, London.    

1958-61             Periodically lived and worked in Cornwall.   

1959                  One Man Exhibition, Aveguard Gallery, Manchester.              

1960                    Young Contemporaries Exhibition, London               

1961-62             Part-time teaching at Bolton College of Art.

                                Lectured for Extra-Mural Department, University of Manchester.       

1961                    Animated Filmmaking. Received commissions from Granada Television and the Manchester Institute of Contemporary Art.

1961-64             Lived and worked in London and Essex.    

1963                    Four Northern Painters Exhibition, Manchester City Art Gallery.         

1964-66             Lecturer at Salford College of Art   

1965                    One Man Exhibition, Moyan Gallery, Manchester.

                                Commissioned to produce a Kinetic Feature by British Cotton Board.

                                Group Exhibition, Didsbury College, Manchester.  

1966-88             Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Art and Design, Manchester Polytechnic.              

1966                    Media 4, Salford Art Gallery.              

1969                    "Here and Now" Group Exhibition, Manchester College of Art Gallery.             

1971                    One Man Exhibition, Didsbury College Gallery, Manchester.                

1976                    One Man Exhibition, Peterloo Gallery, Manchester.                 

1978                    One Man Exhibition, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh.            

1964-79             Occasional lecturing for the Extra-Mural Department, University of Manchester.

                                Visiting Lecturer at Wolverhampton and Cardiff Colleges of Art.

MMU (until 1988).

1980                    Arts Council Exhibition, The Holden Gallery, Manchester.   

1982                    One Man Exhibition, Alsager Gallery.

1984-85             Visiting Lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

1987                    One Man Exhibition, Hanover Gallery, Liverpool.

                                Major New Works, Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago.         

1988                    One Man Exhibition, The Holden Gallery, Manchester.


Left teaching to paint full time.

1989                    One Man Exhibition, Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax. 

1990                    One Man Exhibition, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh.            

1995                    One Man Exhibition, Hanover Gallery, Liverpool.     

2000                    Ove Arup Better World Space Gallery, Manchester.                 

2002                    One Man Exhibition, Stockport Art Gallery.                  

2004                    One Man Exhibition, Bolton Art Gallery.       

2005                    One Man Exhibition, NEWI Gallery, Wrexham.           

2005                    One Man Exhibition, Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax.

2005                    One Man Exhibition, ArtDiana Gallery, Helsinki.

2006                    Curator's Choice, Dean Clough, Halifax.      

2007                    One Man Exhibition, Artsmill Gallery, Hebden Bridge.            

2010                    One Man Exhibition, Dukes Oak Gallery, Brereton.

2011                    One Man Exhibition, Waterside Arts Centre, Sale.

2015      One Man Exhibition, Stockport Art Gallery.